Non-VIN, but Identifying Numbers

My Citroen appears to be a 1984 CX GTi 2500

While it a VIN number, this seems to belong to a 1976 car.

In Citroen Service Manuals, I see diagrams suggesting the sub-frames, the DIRAVI assembly, and the 'body-shell' have additional identifying numbers. (It is not clear if these are duplicates of the VIN originally stamped on the front fender/wing, or some other number.

Can anyone tell me where exactly to look for an identifying number on the rack-&-pinion, or either the front or rear sub-frame?

More background to this question

Here are links to two illustrations I've copied from Citroen service Manuals.

The first one seems to me to be an earlier publication, based on the info available to me. >> << (Everything between the 'double chevron' pairs is the link address.

On this image, locations noted as 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8 all elude me. (Yeah, I can find #2, and #5!)

The second image is located at this address >> <<

As with the other illustration, there are more numbered locations that I cannot find, than I can. #1, #2, and #7 are the only items I can locate.

Of particular interest, are the items #6 & #11, which seem to identify the sub-frames, or the DIRAVI rack & pinion.

I'll continue to check back!


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