What to do after Login?

After login on the portal Citroën service and Peugeot Service Box follow these steps :

  1. change the language (if you didn't change it befor login) in the right upper part "Mon Profil" and put the required language
  2. in the top menu select Free services » Spare parts
  3. left upper enter your car identifier(VIN number) or select your vehicle model
  4. Select the main group your spare part may occur in
  5. put the group more precisely
  6. new row appears under grafical section (e.g.: 0230 06 617501A FRONT BUMPER ), click on it
  7. you should see the desired spare part now

In the case of you didn't found the right spare part, close the popup window and in the bottom section select another group, or return back by clicking on the red triangel (two red triangels: return top - Vehicle general).

service box

cannot login to service box using id XXXXXXXXXX password xxxxxxxx citroen service ok

I`ve problem too

I can`t login to box service too!! WHY??

service box

I cannot login with XXXXXXXXXX

Peugeot Service Box

I can't login to peugeot service box

electronic manual

some months ago I purchased an electronic manual DVD for my peugeot boxer camper van I never loaded it until recently but now cannot obtain an activation code

306 hdi engiine oil

hi there could someone body help in whats the best oil i can use in my 306 ive been told if i use fully synthetic oil it could get pass the piston rings an i dont want to damage my car

Hi, If you want a replay,

If you want a replay, pleace, create new forum topic. And write there the type of motor.

Cannot Login

Hi, I cannot login wih USERN: XXXXXXXXXX, please help

Boxer Autocruise alarm

Can anyone help me to turn off the beep from the alarm system when arming and disarming??


How to log in?

Well,how to log in into pug service box?So headache?How to register?I cant see anywhere it is written free spare parts service?Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me.Looking for parts for 405SRi.

Cannot Login

Hi, I cannot login wih USERN: XXXXXXXXXX for citroen and XXXXXXXXXX for peugeot, please help

Login data for

Login data for Citroenpeugeot.info were cancelled because sharing data is not in accourdance width PSA servers rules.
You have to create your own account (registration).

login failure

cannot login to service box


how do you close your account?

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